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6 January 2015
...31 December 2014 Monthly Report & 2014 Annual Report Now In. It was a very good year, for our portfolio at least. This month we post the usual monthly report to tell you how December went, and provide the other usual information and pontification. In addition, have a look at our 2014 Annual Report. It discusses our results over the full year just past, and points the way to our future. 2014 tax information has been posted to Member Directory / Tax Data. Use it on your 2014 tax return.

PLEASE ALSO LOOK AT "HOT ALERTS," which has an advisory to help you save a little money on 2014 taxes.

Short Term - Long Term / How We Stack Up

The links given here take you to a thorough look at our performance record. Check out our Lifetime section (38 years and counting) where a year-by-year graphical picture and a month-to-month data table are both provided. At the top of the data table is a listing of pre-tax rates of return over selected periods to the present, plus explanatory notes. For current performance details and commentary, see our most Recent Monthly report and our most Recent Annual report. The Archive contains past monthly and annual reports.
Reportage and Discussion

The Snippets section relates brief news items about our individual portfolio holdings. The emphasis is on bare facts rather than interpretation.

Each Focus item gives an expanded discussion of one of our portfolio holdings.

Marketwatch is reserved for discussion of particular happenings and issues of general interest to investors.

Fast-breaking items are posted under Hot Alerts.

Reminiscence is the managing partner's musings and lessons learned from nearly four decades in the business.

Everything eventually ends up in the Archive, so we can't ever deny we said it.

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